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la-1Independence CIC (INCIC) introduced, developed and enabled ‘Home Adaptations – Elderly & Disabled’ to become a recognised TrustMark trade listing with the aim to promote the adoption of a standard for contractors working in the domestic environment. We also recently introduced ‘Stairlifts’ to the TrustMark trade listing.

We recognise the expertise and technical capabilities, service and quality assurance that Home Improvement Agencies (HIAs) provide within the domestic sector. Therefore, partnering with them and Local Authorities is key to deploying this standard to contractors working in the sector.

HIAs that are or become TrustMark accredited through INCIC have access to special terms and discounts for their contractors. We also offer special rates to very small contractors.

HIAs adopting the TrustMark Standard and accreditation for their contractors via Foundations and INCIC are eligible for sponsorship by us towards their Foundations listing costs.

We take on the operational workload of carrying out contractor diligence and compliance at no cost!

la-2Further benefits

  • British Standard PAS 91 accreditation to meet Local authority requirements – equivalent to Construction Line or EXOR
  • INSURE Warranty via Independence Finance Ltd available to HIAs and their contractors. Dispense with running expensive Retention schemes
  • Dynamic monitoring of contractors financial stability via Experian 24-7 credit checking
  • Free web enabled portal to conveniently access contractor accreditations, dates, details, feedback and inspection reports – EXERTUS
  • Contractors rotation and allocation of work and Tender documents. Monitor CDM15 compliance
  • Free tool box talks to aid and update understanding and compliance with Standards and Regulations, e.g. WRAS, TMV, BEAB, CDM, etc. These talks are available to surveyors, technical officers and contractors
  • Risk notifications sent to all network members on failure issues relating to home adaptations

logo-la3Future developments

  • Private work referrals to HIAs via national charity partners
  • Web enabled agent and contractor workflow systems – EXERTUS
  • eTendering access
  • Small contractor product purchasing schemes
  • Tablet 3D BIM compliant design tools

Many organisations we work with mandate the Independence TrustMark standard as a qualification to be included on their approved lists

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