Plymouth City Council Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

Plymouth City Council (PCC) Adaptation, Repair, Maintenance and Improvement (ARMI)
Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is administered and managed by Independence CIC (INCIC)
Information below includes all information required to assess your suitability to join this DPS
Prior to applying to join the DPS you must ensure that you have read and understood the full version of the Official Journal European Union (OJEU) Contract Notice and the below supporting documentation referred to below.


DPS Overview Information Categories/Lots Regions and Districts of operation. View Document

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DPS Standard Selection Questions (SQ). View Document

DPS Terms and Conditions.View Document

How to Join DPS. View Document

OJEU Notice View Document

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Regions and Geographical Areas View Page

Eligibility Criteria View Page

Active Lot(s) Categories and Contracting Authorities View Page



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