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Further information about the TrustMark Scheme can be found at:

Some key facts and considerations we feel are useful to people considering listing with us are as follows:

  • TrustMark is the only government endorsed scheme operating in the domestic i repair, maintenance and home improvement sector.
  • It has a strong consumer protection brand and as your scheme operator we provide the customer another level of recourse other than through the tradesperson.
  • The TrustMark listings website is getting over 4 million hits a year from people searching for contractors or tradespeople — that is 16,000 per working day. This volume is growing substantially.
  • Continuing failures due to rogue traders within the domestic contracting and trades person sector is driving consumers to look for recognised and endorsed schemes that provide some form of protection.
  • The ability to offer an insurance backed warranty for deposits and works conducted is becoming more attractive to customers in the domestic market.
  • The TrustMark scheme is the only scheme that has a core criteria that includes physical onsite inspections that look at the quality of workmanship and customer experience rather than just from a technical standards viewpoint.
  • Rather than a blanket listing with some limited vetting TrustMark and IBS require probity checks to be conducted that reduce the likelihood of a contractor failure due to financial distress or weak trading history.

TrustMark Application Process

For us to properly complete your application for TrustMark listing all parts of the following forms and process need to be fully completed. Should you experience any difficulties please save the application and contact us on:

Criteria to join TrustMark:

  • Completed application and relevant payment.
  • Provision of inspection sites and references listing against.
  • Copies of insurance and qualifications.
  • Copies of DBS(CB) checks were appropriate.
  • Agreement to abide by and follow IBS Code of Conduct where under 5 employees.
  • Provide a copy of Health & Safety Policy and Risk Assessment and Method Statement where over 5 employees.
  • Agree to IBS CICs Terms & Conditions

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