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Independence Community Interest Company (INCIC) has decades of experience and expertise in the building industry, particularly in home adaptations. We apply our knowledge of the entire process to ensure our customers have a worry free experience when undertaking home improvements.

INCIC has a focus on local communities and help accredited small and medium sized contracting businesses gain access to work from their local community and organisations.

INCIC promotes knowledge of and adherence to British Standards from design to installation and the need for social awareness and practice when working with people in their home.

Company Details

Independence Community Interest Company (INCIC) is a community interest company (CIC) and as such does not make profits for its owners but rather for its communities and working partners within them.

INCIC was set up to work with charities and communities, including local authorities, to help improved customer experience. A key tool to help achieve our aims has been the Government’s initiative to promote consumer protection within the Repair, Maintenance and Improvement (RMI) sector through the endorsement of the TrustMark standards.

INCIC is a leading independent TrustMark scheme operator focused on small and medium sized contractors and especially those operating in the domestic sector.

Community Interest Companies (CICs)

CICs are formed as Limited Companies under the Companies Act 2006, subject to general company law. All CICs are regulated via the CIC Regulatory Office, which comes under the Government’s Department for Business Innovation & Skills who maintain oversight of all CICs and how they conduct their business in line with the terms that were laid down by the original legislation. Fundamentally a CIC cannot be used solely for the financial advantage of a group of people, for political purposes, or for the benefit of the employees, directors or members of a single organisation.

For further information please contact: support@incic.org.uk

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